Love The Keweenaw

Mission Statement

The LoveThe Keweenaw mission is to educate recreational users on protecting the Keweenaw landscape and communities through partnership, outreach, and positive action. 

If you've ever visited the Keweenaw, you are familiar with the pride residents and businesses take in our natural spaces and recreation opportunities. Whether it be the shores of Lake Superior, the sprawling hardwood forests, the lookout points of Brockway Mountain, or our mining heritage sites, we are proud to call this place home.

As more and more people venture into the area in search of adventures and escape, we ask you to respect and help us preserve these natural spaces and history. Respecting our natural spaces takes many forms. It can include preparing properly for the weather, cleaning up your campsite, or leaving wildflowers intact on the trail. YOU are a part of preserving the beauty and wonder of the Keweenaw for future visitors and current residents.

Love The Keweenaw educates users with strategies and resources to help them make respectful, sustainable, and low-impact use of the region's outdoor recreation and related assets. We hope to see you soon! 


The Keweenaw

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