Hockey Teams

Houghton, MI is known as the Birthplace of Professional Hockey. With countless indoor and outdoor hockey rinks scattered across the Keweenaw Peninsula, this region is known for its hockey history. We invite your team to skate on our historic rinks and make lasting memories in some of the oldest continuous-use ice arenas in the country. 

Getting Around

The easiest way for your team to get around is by Motorcoach. Lamers Bus Lines services the Keweenaw area, with its headquarters conveniently located between Houghton and Calumet, MI. Enjoy the safety and comfort of having reliable transportation the next time your team is in the Keweenaw.


Houghton, Hancock, and Calumet are ideal communities for your team to stay, thanks to their close proximity to our largest ice arenas. Some of our larger hotels offer student group discounts and can rent a block of rooms for your team. They also offer additional amenities that may be favorable to your team, such as continental breakfast, swimming pools, or close proximity to stores, restaurants, and local attractions. 

Unique Team Experiences

While you are here, we encourage you to explore the history of hockey in our region and enjoy some of our favorite recreational activities. 

Birthplace of Professional Hockey and The History of Hockey Exhibit

The Dee Stadium is considered to be one of the oldest continuous-use ice arenas in the country. Located on the Portage Canal, it offers a History of Hockey Exhibit in the Kenner Ruohonen Memorial History Room. Learn more about the Dee Stadium, its role as the birthplace of professional hockey, and Copper Country hockey history. The game of hockey was introduced into Houghton in January of 1898, with the Portage Lake ice hockey team orginally established in 1899. 

Calumet Colosseum

The Calumet Colosseum was built in 1913 and is considered to be THE oldest operating continuous-use ice rink in North America. In 2019 Calumet was the winner of Kraft Hockeyville USA and received $150,000 for upgrades to the Colosseum. These upgrades included a new ice plant, heating system, sound system, and refurbished locker rooms.

Large crowd in front of Calumet Colosseum for Kraft Hockeyville NHL pre-season game.

It was also awarded the opportunity to host an NHL pre-season game between the Detroit Red Wings and the St. Louis Blues that September. The Red Wings won the game 4-1. Visit the Calumet Colosseum to explore showcases of historic hockey memorabilia or schedule a practice time at this famous rink. 

Skate Outdoors

The Keweenaw is home to several outdoor neighborhood ice rinks. During the winter, we suggest taking your team outside for a fun outdoor scrimmage. Most of our outdoor rinks have nets, boards, and warming shacks on premise. 

Rent Ice

Here are our top rinks to rent ice for team hockey. These are indoor rinks, with locker rooms, hockey nets, boards, and stadium seating. 

Team Meals

It's important to fuel up before the big game! From delivery pizza and catering options to group dining at local restaurants, our Keweenaw communities have what you need!




Please call ahead for group reservations at our local restaurants. 

Ice Skating

Skate laps, slap a puck around, practice your figure skating moves, or simply sip on a cup of hot…