April 5, 2022


Houghton County has received between 229.1″ and 290.6″ of snow for the season, depending on the location of measurement. Keweenaw County has received 325.6” of snow for the season.



The Keweenaw Snowmobile Club would like to thank everyone for an awesome season!
Grooming operations for the remainder of the season have ended.  Trails are open through March 31st when gates on trails crossing private property will be locked.  Riding after March 31st is only allowed on the trails running on state owned land.  Within the KSC trail system that includes Trail 17 from Calumet to Hancock and Trail 3 from Houghton to Toivola. Ride at your own risk as trails will not be maintained. We would like to thank all riders, sponsors and club members for a great season!

For real-time trail grooming updates download the Groomer Tracker App!  Sign up for the Keweenaw trail system with a portion of the fees shared to support our local trail grooming club!


  • Trail 124 is closed for the remainder of the season due to logging.
  • Trail 122 is closed due to high water.
  • Trail 120/121 Freda Loop and Trail 3 from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden will be closed for the season due to the extensive damage from the 2018 flood. The trail from Hancock to Dollar Bay and from Calumet to Lake Linden will be open so both towns will be accessible


  • Michigan Tech –Groomed and tracked. With light snow continuing through the day, trails will get lightly covered; expect best conditions in the morning. (3/31/22)
  • Swedetown – We will suspending grooming today because of current weather conditions. Depending on snow fall later today into tomorrow, grooming should resume later tonight or tomorrow morning. (3/30/22)
  • Swedetown Snow Bike – The small storm from Friday has groomed up nicely. Expecting firm conditions this week but watch those summer temps creeping in later this week. (3/12/22)
  • Calumet Dam Trails – It’s crust season. Did wash out a few times when cornering in areas of snow on top of crust. The trail around the Lake didn’t ride as well, crust might have been broken up by boot and snowshoe traffic. Groomer is still in the shop. (2/26/2022)
  • Chassell – Because of our spring conditions, grooming has been suspended for the rest of the ski season on the lower trail. Unless it cools off and snows, grooming of the upper trail has also been completed for this season.. Thanks for all your support this winter. (3/15/22)
  • Chassell Snowshoe – All trails are cleared of debris and low hanging branches from the ice event. This includes the new Pink Trail that is opened on a trial basis on and near the western hayfields. This will likely be the last good week for snowshoeing. And please, no boot hiking on the trails. (3/8/22)
  • Boundary Road Trails – We got out on the trails this morning to groom in the modest amount of fresh snow we got over the past few days. Trails looked the best they have this year and all machines preformed as designed (3/13/22)
  • Churning Rapids Snow Bike – Most of the trails were groomed Thursday night. (3/25/22)
  • Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails cleared of fallen trees, dragged, and tracked. (3/26/22)
  • Copper Harbor – Copper Harbor trails are open but grooming is suspended due to the thaw. (3/16/22)
  • End of the Road Trails – Groomed, working on flattening trail from drifting. (2/19/22)
  • Eagle Harbor Township Trails – Spring conditions. No grooming has taken place. (3/18/22)
  • Keweenaw Mountain Lodge (Copper Harbor) – All trails were groomed flat but not rolled first. (3/25/22)
  • Twin Lakes State Park – Grooming will resume after the current storm. (3/30/22)
  • McLain State Park – Done grooming for the season. (3/30/22)


  • Mont Ripley – One more bonus day April 2 from 10-5PM (3/29/22)
  • Mount Bohemia – Possible storm Wed. – Thurs. Mount Bohemia will be open every day thru March 27 and then weekends in April. Rental shop is closed. (3/28/22)

Report as of 10:15AM March 31, 2022