2023 Silver River Bridge Detour Options

The Silver River Bridge on M-26 has been reduced to one lane since fall 2021 due to the deterioration of one of the culvert's historic stone retaining walls. Construction to replace the bridge was scheduled to start April 25, 2023, and the bridge was  officially closed to traffic April 22, 2023. MDOT expects construction to last about 10 weeks. During this ten week period, all businesses and scenic destinations on both sides of the bridge will remain accessible. Read on to explore detour options that will help you navigate the Keweenaw Peninsula and maybe even help you discover something new during your time here! 

Where is the bridge? 

The Silver River Bridge is located just west of the western entrance to Brockway Mountain Drive. The bridge is the ONLY part of M-26 that will be closed. 

Map shows M-26 is open on either side of Silver River Bridge

M-26 is open on either side of Silver River Bridge. The blue portion of M-26 indicated on this map remains open. Only the bridge is closed.

M-26 from Phoenix to Eagle Harbor is Open

M-26 is open from the intersection of US-41 in Phoenix all the way to Eagle Harbor. This means all your favorite spots along this scenic portion of M-26 are still 100% accessible. This includes, Eagle River Falls, Eagle River Beach, The Fitzgerald's Restaurant, Jacob's Fall's, The Jampot, Eagle Harbor, and more! From Eagle Harbor, take Eagle Harbor Cut-Off Road to reconnect with US-41. Take a left and follow US-41N to reach Copper Harbor, MI! 

Accessing Cedar Point Cabins & Lake Bailey

Visitors can still access Cedar Point Cabins and Lake Bailey by following M-26, but if you continue on M-26 past Eagle Harbor, you will need to turn around. The Lake Bailey Boat Launch Parking Lot is about .6 miles west of the bridge and serves as the best turnaround spot if you make it this far. Return to Eagle Harbor and either follow Eagle Harbor Cut-Off Road to US-41 and head up to Copper Harbor, or take M-26 back through Eagle River. 

Brockway Mountain Drive & Lakeshore Drive Loop

Update: Brockway Mountain Drive is now OPEN for the 2023 season! From Copper Harbor, visitors can follow Brockway Mountain Drive to the top of the mountain and enjoy panoramic views of Lake Superior and inland forests. Follow the drive west to the intersection of M-26 (right by the Silver River Bridge), take a right, and follow M-26 along the lakeshore back to Copper Harbor. This creates a nice scenic loop about 18 miles long. 

Click on any of the routes on the interactive map above to learn more. 

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