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From 7,000 years ago to the 1900s people mined Keweenaw copper. Native peoples made copper into tools and trade items. Investors and immigrants arrived in the 1800s in a great mineral rush, developing thriving industries and cosmopolitan communities. Though the mines have since closed, their mark is still visible on the land and people.

The Keweenaw National Historical Park (KNHP), in conjunction with 22 Heritage Sites, commemorates the heritage of copper mining on the Keweenaw Peninsula – its mines, its machinery, and its people. Begin your exploration by visiting the KNHP Visitor Center in Calumet.

A group tour of a museum in the Keweenaw


Established in 1992 to preserve and interpret the story of the rise, domination, and decline of the region’s copper mining industry. Keweenaw Heritage Sites were established to help make a unique contribution to the copper mining story. Embodying stories of hardship, ingenuity, struggle, and success, each site allows you to explore the role mining played in people’s lives here and afar.

Heritage sites operate independently of the National Park Service. Sites stretch along the length of the Keweenaw Peninsula, from Copper Harbor to south of Ontonagon. All 22 sites provide a variety of experiences for visitors to choose from. Whether it’s climbing mountain peaks or strolling along Lake Superior shores; exploring dark, underground mines or walking through quaint historic villages; discovering the past at local museums, or biking past beautiful fall foliage; the scenery and history of the Copper Country is both sublime and captivating. Journey here today and step back in time to when copper was king.


Junior Ranger BadgeThe KNHP also offers the Junior Ranger Program for kids 8 years and older.  Visitors can pick up the book at the Visitor Center, requested by mail or downloaded. Once completed, a ranger will review the book and award a badge and sticker to the park’s newest Junior Ranger! 


Ranger leads a group tour at the Keweenaw National Historic Park


Visitors can spend weeks touring the Keweenaw’s heritage sites. But for those travelers with a bit less time (or just need some suggestions), KNHP staff have developed several itineraries to make the most of your visit. 


Whether you like to explore on your own or have a more personalized experience and take a guided tour, the Keweenaw offers it all. From underground mine tours to…