Vacation Rentals

After a day of exploration, enjoy the comforts of home in one of our Keweenaw vacation rentals. Found within our small communities you’re always minutes away from our trails and shorelines. 

Experience what our locals have to offer while supporting small local businesses. Many vacation rentals have kitchens perfect for making your own meals after a stop at one of our farmers markets or grocery store. Some even have outdoor adventure equipment available for guests.


By staying in one of Visit Keweenaw's Lodging Partners, you're giving back to our community through our Destination Development Fund and our Sustainable Tourism Initiatives. 

These programs reinvest a portion of your lodging's cost into the Keweenaw community and special places you've come to love. These proceeds are used to support our wilderness trails and the volunteer clubs that maintain them, historical preservation, community festivals, and education programs to foster sustainable tourism. 

We're glad you're here and hope to see you again!

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