Due to its location on Lake Superior's south shore, the Keweenaw Underwater Preserve often been a “catcher’s mitt” for lost ships. Because of its location and extensive mining and settlement activities, shipwrecks and artifacts are scattered all along the coast. Eagle River,  Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor all host a variety of shipwrecks dating to the 1800’s. Among the best shipwreck dives in the Keweenaw Underwater Preserve are:

  • Mesquite – The wreck of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mesquite is the premier dive destination in the Preserve.
  • Tioga – The ship’s debris including her boilers and engine can be examined in 28′ to 35′ of water.
  • City of St. Joseph – The wreck lies broken and flattened out in shallow water ranging from 25′ to 35′.
  • John Jacob Astor – Claim to being the oldest known shipwreck on Lake Superior near the dock of old Fort Wilkins in up to 35′.
  • Langham – Off Bete Grise Bay settled in up to 105′.
  • Wasaga – Copper Harbor in water depths up to 35′.

The dive sites are not generally buoyed. Visiting divers should be prepared to locate them. The Keweenaw Peninsula is also home to unique geological formations that supplement shipwreck diving. One good area to visit is Esrey Park located about halfway between Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor. This roadside park is an easy shore dive and a great  place to look for agates, copper and other unique Copper Country treasures.

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