Area Guide

The Bete Grise area offers white sandy beaches that are perfect for a day of relaxing with the family.  The bay area is an ideal place to put your kayak in and explore the Keweenaw Shoreline or wind through the channel like many boats once did when both Bete Grise and Lac La Belle were once important mine towns. Ore boats often take safe harbor here when Lake Superior is to rough for them to continue.  

Bete Grise Sandy Beach with mountainous views in background.
Bete Grise Bay offers a white sandy beach that is perfect for playing in the water accompanied by exceptional views.

The original name was Baie De Gres which means Bay of Sandstone it was later changed to the name it has now, which means Grey Beast. Local legend says that the pure white sand of this bay “sings” by pressing down with the palm of your hand, or “barks” when struck.  This sound is said to be the voice of a Native American maiden who lost her lover to the Great Lakes and still calls to him from the shore. The sand is said to lose its magical singing power when removed from the beach.

Lake Superior Magazine’s readers have voted Bete Gris Reserve the Best of the Lake for 2021 because it's such a great place to play in the water. 

Just north of here, in Lac La Belle, you will find restaurants, vacation rentals, hiking and biking trails, and the only downhill ski resort of it’s kind east of the Rockies, Mount Bohemia 

Bete Grise Area Guide