Relics of the Copper Country’s past can be found among the Keweenaw’s collection of antique stores. Each piece tells a story of life decades in the past. From copper mining tools worn from use to original Iverson snowshoes and traditional wooden skis, who knows what treasure is waiting to be discovered? 

Most antique store owners in the Keweenaw are knowledgeable about collectible items that originated in the Upper Peninsula. Ask questions, and maybe you’ll learn a little more about Copper Country and its history. 

Each store is a little different, and you never know what you will find. Beyond local treasures, you can also expect to find a variety of vintage, secondhand, retro, and classic items sure to inspire a bit of nostalgia or a creative DIY project.

In the Keweenaw Peninsula we have beautiful summer breezes that keep us about 10 degrees cooler in the summertime.  When temperatures are sometimes in the…