4th of July in the Keweenaw

From celebrations of independence taking place in communities throughout the region, to awe-inspiring natural beauty and rich cultural heritage to explore... the Keweenaw Peninsula offers a unique and unforgettable 4th of July experience. Join us as we enjoy the warmth of long summer days, the smell…

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Your Lake Superior Circle Tour Guide to the Keweenaw

The Lake Superior Circle Tour is an incredible 1,300-mile self-guided route that takes you on a scenic journey around the world’s largest freshwater lake. The world-class tour offers the road trip of a lifetime. We promise that the Keweenaw Peninsula is one part of the Circle Tour that you will not…

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A Guide to Visiting the Keweenaw's Montreal Falls

As travel enthusiasts with an adventurous spirit and a love for the great outdoors, we all yearn for those hidden gems. The kind of places that are off the beaten path, a little rugged, and unspoiled by tourist crowds. If this speaks to you, then a visit to Montreal Falls should be high on your…

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