2 Day Keweenaw Waterfall Driving Tour

The Keweenaw Peninsula is well known for its rugged and natural beauty. The region features variable topography and long winding rivers that spit into Lake Superior. These features combine with the Keweenaw’s unique geology to create the perfect setting for some of the most beautiful waterfalls and…

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Birding in the Keweenaw During Spring Migration

The signs of springtime in the Keweenaw are undeniable - despite the lingering snow piles that haven’t quite gotten the hint. The breezes feel ever so slightly warmer, the sun peeks out for a larger piece of the day, and we start to hear the return of the birds filling the cool dawn air with their…

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Your Ultimate Springtime Guide to the Keweenaw

Listen to the drip-drops of snow melting and feel the warmth of the sun as the days lengthen in the Keweenaw. Spring is a special time of year here. While this is often an overlooked season for travelers, it’s a time of year that locals cherish and look forward to. This magical time of year brings…

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