Local Winter Guide to Visiting Calumet

Full of rich history dating back to the peak of the Keweenaw copper mining boom, Calumet's historic red sandstone buildings are enhanced when lake-effect snow falls. Calumet’s central location makes it a great hopping off point for countless winter activities and day trips for snowmobiling, skiing…

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24 Hours in Historic Calumet

If you’re looking to really delve into Copper Country energy, there is no better place to spend your day than in Calumet, Michigan! The Jacobsville sandstone architecture radiates with history and the booming entrepreneurial spirit of the Copper Country days lives on in the thriving small businesses…

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Calumet is all about history. There are probably more historical attractions packed into this small community than anywhere else in the Upper Peninsula. Walk the streets of its downtown, and you can’t help noticing the architecture’s grandeur, often built from the rare Jacobsville sandstone, and the…

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