Bundle up and join us for the 2024 Jibba Jabba Rail Jam in downtown Houghton on Saturday, Feb. 17 @ 6 p.m. What is a rail jam? A rail jam is a winter event in which a special course is created with rail-like features and objects that skiers/snowboarders can perform tricks on. A unique rail jam course will be set up on Huron Street (next to Rhythm Bike & Board Co.), where professional freestyle snowboarders will attempt tricks and shred Huron Street down to the Houghton Waterfront pier. 

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NEW THIS YEAR: Enter your name in a free drawing for a chance at winning one of *two* snowboards donated by Never SummerYou'll have a chance at taking home either a 148 Proto Slinger or a 152 Proto Synthesis board just for showing up!

Jibba Jabba Rail Jam Course

 A unique rail jam course is created on Huron Street in Houghton for professional and amateur riders to compete on. 

A Blast-From-The-Past Event

If you've been involved in the Keweenaw skiing and snowboarding scene for a while, you may have already heard of Jibba Jabba. The Jibba Jabba Rail Jam event was pushed forward in 2023 by Jenn Reed, owner of Minnie Farms who has a passion for winter snow sports. Reed was working at Rhythm Bike & Board Co. at the time.

After a decade of Jibba Jabba's hiatus, Jenn with Rhythm teamed up with the City of Houghton, Visit Keweenaw, Studio 13, and Mont Ripley to bring the excitement back to life. The 2023 rail jam event was sponsored by Northern Specialty Health, Incredible Bank, Industrial Graphics, Red Bull, and Rodeo.  

Snowboarder rides rail at Jibba Jabba

Throwback to Jibba Jabba 2011. | Photo by Keweenaw Now

When asked about the 2023 Jibba Jabba event, Jenn Reed told us “The city approached Rhythm to see if we would have an interest in doing this event again. I immediately said yes. I have a big passion for any snow sports event and anything that will bring the community together.” 

2024 Jibba Jabba Rail Jam Preparations

Friday, February 16th, 2024 @ 6 P.M.

Setting up a rail jam is no easy feat, especially when it takes place on a city street. If you're in downtown Houghton on Friday, February 16th, swing by Huron Street to catch a peek of the Jibba Jabba Rail Jam course construction. The City of Houghton will bring dump trucks of snow to create the course. From the corner of Sheldon & Huron Street, all the way down to the new Houghton Waterfront Pier, you can imagine just how much snow this will take! Once the snow is on-site, a group of local builders will place features on the Jibba Jabba course designed by Jenn's husband Dustin Reed. Jibba Jabba's builders come with over 20 years of experience building parks and a vision that sets Jibba Jabba apart from other rail jams.

Two snowboarders perform a trick during Jibba Jabba Rail Jam.

Different features are set up along the Jibba Jabba course so that riders can perform a variety of tricks.

Jibba Jabba Professional Snowboarding Competition

Saturday, February 17th, 2024

The Jibba Jabba Professional Rail Jam event takes place on Saturday, February 17th @ 6 p.m. Riders will have a warmup session before the official competition begins. The public is welcome to watch as riders warm up and get ready to compete. An awards ceremony will take place once all the riders have a chance to compete. Awards will be given for best overall in men and women riders. Cheer loud to voice your support!

Two competitors hold their cash prize for a photo.

2023 riders pose with their awards.

Spectator Activities

Gear up for Jibba Jabba by stopping by Krist Gas Station in Houghton. Not only do they have t-shirts for the first 40 customers, but they are also offering free hot chocolate, coffee, and fountain drinks (12oz only). Then head over to Huron Street for the big event.

Jibba Jabba Krist Poster

Krist Gas Station in Houghton has some special offers for Jibba Jabba 2024. 

Jibba Jabba is a high-energy rail jam event that features talented professional snowboarders who will perform impressive tricks and jumps. Spectators are welcome to line both sides of the Huron Street Course down to the pier to experience the thrill of this exciting winter sport in a lively atmosphere. Come prepared for a good time, as Red Bull is bringing a party car to the event. The party car will be equipped with speakers to fill the scene with music, an MC and plenty of Red Bull Energy Drinks to pass out to spectators and riders.

Jibba Jabba Red Bull

The Red Bull party car will be on site again this year to keep the crowd energized and ready to go all night long. 

Make sure to stop by Rhythm Bike & Board Co. during the event to check out the latest winter recreation gear! If you're feeling hungry, there will be some food options available on-site. Look for 7 Wonders, Griffin Cafe, The Forge, and Munchee Machine mobile food stations around the bottom of the course for hot and tasty fan food. Chicago Beefs (right next to Rhythm) serves mouth-watering hot sandwiches, pita melts, personal deep-dish pizzas, and has a variety of vegan options available. 

Having a good time? Grab a photo at the life-size Jibba Jabba photo frame, and post your pictures to social media using hashtags, #JibbaJabba, #YesVisitKeweenaw and #HoughtonMI. Mark your attendance or post your photos on the Facebook Event.

A group poses for a picture with the Jibba Jabba Selfie Station

Be sure to grab a selfie at the Jibba Jabba selfie station! 

Stay tuned for more updates about Jibba Jabba 2024.