Those sweet golden childhood memories are made in the warm summer glow of family road trips and vacation adventures! For families travelling to Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, the City of Hancock offers a blend of adventure, culture, and community warmth - all within very walkable distances or only requiring short drives. The curious and adventuresome of all ages will find a wealth of things to do here in Hancock, Michigan!

a child looks longingly into a bakery case filled with goodies


A Finn-spired Breakfast

NISU Bakery is nestled into downtown Hancock and offers made-from-scratch bakery, nutritious drink options, as well as healthy fare like salads or lox toast. It’s the perfect place for a quick bite and game of tic-tac-toe. But it’s also a way to learn about some of the Finnish culture. NISU Bakery stays true to its Finnish roots, showcasing the heritage of the early Finnish settlers of the Keweenaw with traditional offerings like cardamom coffee and rye bread sandwiches.

K.C. Bonker's Toys & Coffee

Shopping, Refreshments, and Fun!

Now that you’re downtown, it’s a short walk to K.C. Bonkers, the epitome of childhood joy. I never get tired of hearing my son’s “ooh’s” and “aah”s every time we enter this vibrant space, rich with nostalgia. As you step through its doors, bookended by a giant Lego Ferris Wheel and a life sized Chinese dragon puppet, you're greeted by shelves brimming with specialty colorful toys and games, evoking whimsy and wonder in children and adults alike.

a child receives a purchase over the counter in a toy store

When you are finished marveling at the unique selection of toys, gifts, and stuffies, opportunities to play are ample for all ages. Grab a table for your family and pick out a board game while you enjoy your lattes and Bubblers. A gated off area with toys and a bench is convenient for parents of crawlers.

Now that you’re all caffeinated and sugared up, and maybe a few toys richer, it’s time to burn some of that energy off outside! Hancock features several destinations for the adventurous family...

Maasto Hiihto Trails

Kid-friendly Trail Walks

Put your walking shoes on and go on an adventure in the forest in the Maasto Hiihto and Churning Rapids trail system. Immerse the kids into nature by asking what they can see, smell, hear and find in the blooming landscape of the Keweenaw. If you're exploring with Fido in tow, Maasto Hiihto trails are dog-friendly, so your whole family can enjoy jaunt into these beautiful forests. Have a kid who's learning to mountain bike? Many trails make for great beginner-level riders!

Hancock Beach

Swimming and Playground Play

With sand, water, volleyball (BYOB - bring your own ball), playground, and some amazing views of the peninsula, this picturesque spot is the perfect place to have some fun in the sun. A playground adjacent the shoreline makes it easy to supervise the kids while you dip your toes in the sand, and spacious, recently renovated bathrooms make having a good time at the beach that much easier. Just bring sun protection, something to sit on, and a change of clothes.

A group of people takes an underground copper mine tour at Quincy Mine.

Quincy Mine

Hands-On History

Having produced 726 million pounds of copper from 1856 to 1925, the historically significant Quincy Mine remains a key piece of the Copper Country. Tours at the Quincy Mine provide a remarkable look into the heart of the area. Bring closed-toed shoes and jacket; the underground tour is dark, cool, and full of stories! Additionally, the surface ruins throughout the Quincy Mine area allow for more close-up viewing of mining history (and some cute photo ops with the kids)!

Kid-Friendly Adventure Fuel

Now it’s time for lunch! Hancock is home to some of the best restaurants in the UP, so you really can’t go wrong. If you’re having trouble choosing, pick one for lunch and one for dinner!



With their famous deep dish pizza, locally sourced fresh ingredients, and playful avante garde specials, you are in luck if you catch Milly’s while they’re open (Wed-Sat from 3-9 PM!)! You won’t regret chowing down on this pizza, a favorite heralded by locals, and don’t miss their homemade sorbet twists, either.

Pro tip: while the cheese pizza totally rocks, if you are lucky enough to order one of their specials before they sell out, do it! (Even if it’s not something you would normally try).

a square pizza topped with red sauce and burrata

Four Suns Fish & Chips

When Four Suns opens for the season, locals and visitors alike rejoice! Catch Lake Superior seafood staples in the restaurant’s breezy indoor or outdoor seating area. There’s clam chowder, fish and chips, fish tacos, unlimited tartar sauce, and more.


Are you craving a good patio and perhaps a strong cocktail? Gino’s has yummy food and beverage options for both parents and kids. From delicious appetizers like Korean BBQ steak bites, fried cauliflower or vibrant seared ahi tuna, to fill-your-belly favorites like pizza, pasta, or portobello mushroom burgers - there is something for everyone at Gino’s.

a dish of sauce covered steak bites with a dish of sliced ahi tuna in the background

Picky eater tip: If your kiddo will only eat plain butter pasta right now, the staff is happy to accommodate that.

Now our bellies are full and we’re ready to keep exploring! As the midday sun descends through the sky, there’s a few more fun activities we can sneak in before winding down for the evening.

Peruse Downtown Hancock

The Flower Shop

We like to smell the fresh blooms and peruse their greenhouse, while checking out their array of novelties and gifts.

ilo Art Store

Richly pigmented pastel chalk, earth-friendly watercolor paints, wooden tools, and more! It’s never too early to expose your little ones to art and the tools you need to make it, empowering them to create a masterpiece. You'll find plenty of travel-ready kits and tools great for passing the time and enjoying the outdoors while they doodle.

Copper Country Community Arts Center

Keep that creative energy going as you step across to Copper Country Community Arts Center. Showcasing a constantly rotating collection of fine art from local artists, the art gallery also boasts a room of art just for kids and made by kids. The back of the center has a large chalkboard that kids can color on if inspiration hits.

a small child draws on a busy chalkboard

Copper Country Boat Tours

Wind Down on the Water

Launching from the Hancock docks near the Ramada Inn and Suites, take a quiet and peaceful cruise on the S.S. Dragonfly. This idyllic Portage cruiser is an all-electric 6-passenger boat that provides a low-noise escape onto the Portage Canal. Slipping through the waters, your Captain can provide intel on local history, architecture and fun insights to the Copper Country while you enjoy some snacks and drinks on board. A boat tour on the Dragonfly can be a lovely way to watch a sunset, tickle the fancy of an aspiring sea-farer, or simply coax a little adventurer into a well-deserved nap while their adults enjoy some quiet and a KBC. Well-behaved dogs are also welcome on board, so no one gets left out!

The S.S. Dragonfly is also docked near Porvoo Park, a perfect step back on land to enjoy the park or live music!

small touring boat tied to a dock

Hancock Summer Events

Treats, Movies, and Music

The Hancock Tori Farmer’s Market happens on the Quincy Green every Thursday from 3-6 PM, where the community gathers to display locally made goods from art to bakery to farm-fresh produce from the region’s local farmers.

Movies on the Green, where families can bring a blanket or lawn chair and watch a film outside, also happens every Thursdays starting at dusk.

Canal Rock at Porvoo Park along the Portage Canal waterfront brings free local music for all to enjoy. Here, kids can hop on the swing in the park while their adults dance on the boardwalk!

From farmer’s markets to live music to kids’ events, there’s always family-friendly fun going on in Hancock. You can follow the City of Hancock on Facebook or Instagram for a front-row seat to those updates.

Porvoo Park

Sunset Wind-Downs

Wind down at Poorvoo Park, meandering along the walking trails and benches, as twilight lights up the Canal. As locals will tell you, there’s only one thing better than immaculate daytime views of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge, and that’s immaculate nighttime views of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.

With its blend of outdoor adventures, historical charm, and welcoming community spirit, a full family-friendly day in Hancock promises memories that will be cherished for years to come. We can’t wait until you return!