The Isle Royale Day Trip Experience Guide

Isle Royale National Park is one of the least visited national parks in the United States and is a remote destination for nature lovers and wilderness-seekers. This archipelago rests in the heart of Lake Superior and is only accessible by boat or seaplane. While we’d recommend you stay a few days…

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Birding in the Keweenaw During Spring Migration

The signs of springtime in the Keweenaw are undeniable - despite the lingering snow piles that haven’t quite gotten the hint. The breezes feel ever so slightly warmer, the sun peeks out for a larger piece of the day, and we start to hear the return of the birds filling the cool dawn air with their…

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Snowshoe Guide for McLain State Park

McLain State Park is one of our favorite places to visit no matter the season. Most people visit during the summertime when the beach is warm and the campground bustling. During the winter this popular sightseeing spot goes into hibernation, burying itself in snow and ice. The fun doesn’t stop just…

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