Delaware Mine Surface Ruins

While the Delaware Mine Tour's underground self-guided tours are a beautiful and fascinating adventure, the surface ruins allow for an accessible peek into the…

Keweenaw History Becomes Family Legacy:

The Delaware Mine

For one young boy, a childhood steeped in Copper Country mining history spun together intrepid fantasies of one day laying claim to his own copper mine. Not one to let dreams lay idle, Tom Poynter became a man with a singular dedication to his childhood mission, eventually rediscovering the Delaware Mine and revitalizing it to become a destination Copper Country mine self-guided tour.

Tom's vision lives on in his family, as now his daughter Laurie Sullivan and her husband Bob have taken on this family legacy. With an eye to the future, the Delaware Mine continues to see new innovations to the grounds and its educational features. The Sullivan's have found a new sense of community in the Keweenaw as they welcome resident and visitor, young and old, to the ever growing story of the Delaware Mine.

Step Into History:

Explore The Delaware Mine

lantern light illuminates into a long pathway underground, the light softly outlining features of the excavated mine shaft
Soft lantern light illuminates the well maintained interior of the Delaware Mine Shaft.

The Delaware Mine Tour is located in the horn of the Keweenaw Peninsula, about 45 minutes north of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge and conveniently situated near Copper Harbor and Lac la Belle destinations. This self-guided walking tour of the surface grounds and the Delaware Mine shaft are seasonally available typically starting in late May. 

This Keweenaw National Historical Park Heritage Site is a bucket-list experience for all ages. Folks are welcome to bring their leashed dogs into the mine, a truly unique photo opportunity for pet parents! This historic mine offers a wealth of sights and experiences:

  • See pure veins of exposed copper in the mine walls. 
  • Various types of little brown bats suspended in sleep from the mine ceilings. 
  • Curated lighting lets you experience the ambiance of the mine as they did in the 1800s. 
  • Mining equipment and other historic artifacts accompany descriptive educational signage for further understanding and appreciate of the copper miner's labors. 
  • Picnic tables 100 feet below surface to enjoy a pasty like a miner! (Remember, pack out all food waste and packaging!)
  • Surface ruins interwoven with lush nature make for lovely fall and summer viewing. 

Accessibility Note: the underground walking tours are currently only accessible by wooden staircase. Alternately, the standing ruins of mining-era outbuildings seen on the surface tours offer a beautiful peek into copper mining past.

Be History's Guardian:

Recreating Responsibly in The Delaware Mine

Love the Keweenaw, in all the different ways you appreciate and delve into the Delaware Mine. To Love the Keweenaw means to respect and preserve the nature and history of these lands that we explore. By making concerted efforts to respect these historical assets, your fellow visitors, and the threatened wildlife at these Copper Country historical sites, we can all ensure lifetimes of access and appreciation for these sites. For insights on how you can be a good steward, visit