The Crossing Place

The Portage Lake Lift Bridge is the physical symbol of the spirit of the Crossing Place. A conduit for people, energy, ideas, and culture... we seek to uphold…

The Crossing Place

A Visit Keweenaw Documentary Series

The Crossing Place is a documentary film series that explores the deep veins of inspiration and majesty that run through the people, organizations, and experiences that make the Keweenaw truly singular.

The name "Keweenaw" is an Ojibwe word that means "the place of crossing," or portage. To traverse, to flow, to cross...

The way the waters of the Portage Canal cross the Keweenaw Peninsula, connecting Keweenaw Bay to Lake Superior. The way the Portage Lake Lift Bridge connects Copper Island to the Upper Peninsula mainland. The way people, ideas, and memories have crossed the land, time, and culture.

This series seeks to honor this literal "place of crossing", but also that spark that is a conduit that networks people and nature.

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