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Isle Royale National Park

In the seemingly limitless expanse of Lake Superior, Isle Royale rises above these fresh waters to welcome those making a pilgrimage to this remote National Park. Only accessible via boat or seaplane, one does not stumble across Isle Royale National Park... such epic journeys make it is easy to understand why the mythos of islands threaded with stories of gateways to other worlds.

An exercise in planning and self-sufficiency, the journey itself to Isle Royale is a revelatory experience in discovering one's own grit. Park Ranger Liz Valencia offers experience and insights in undertaking Isle Royale National Park. Once immersed in Isle Royale, visitors are welcomed into an ancient place of universal connection... dark starry skies swirl with stars and Northern Lights, flora and fauna teem with life unlike anywhere else in the Midwest.

Far removed from the buzz of modern-day life, here on this remote Great Lakes island destination one might find their own dose of Keweenaw magic...

Isle Royale National Park

A Singular Island Destination


Group takes a break from hiking on the rugged shores of Isle Royale
Rise to the call of Isle Royale, and you'll be granted rich connection to the world around you.

Isle Royale National Park is located approximately 55 miles off Copper Harbor's shoreline, at the tip of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. This 45-mile long island, only accessible by boat or seaplane, offers truly unrivalled access to dark sky viewing and observation of wildlife, like moose and grey wolf.

While Isle Royale National Park often calls to those seeking an outdoor challenge, there are plenty of amenities and experiences that can appeal to all:

  • Hiking and Backpacking
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Historical Mining Ruin Exploration
  • Northern Lights Chasing
  • Relaxation at Rock Harbor Lodge or Cabins

An adventure to Isle Royale National Park requires a blend of pre-planning and scheduling due to its unique transportation requirements and Mother Nature's influence, so begin crafting your adventure well ahead of time!

Explore Isle Royale

Protect the Island



Love the Keweenaw, in all the different ways you travel to and adventure on Isle Royale National Park. To Love the Keweenaw means to respect and preserve the nature and history of these lands that we explore. By making concerted efforts to respect these trails, animals, plants, historical assets, and your fellow visitors, we can all ensure lifetimes of access and appreciation to this National Park. For insights on how you can be a good steward, visit

Isle Royale National Park also provides educational resources with Stay Wild, an orientation series on safely enjoying aspects of your adventure.