Social Media Partnerships & Collaborations

At Visit Keweenaw, our goal is to uplift the Keweenaw experience (both natural and cultural) into the public eye in a way that empowers and respects this land and our communities. The Copper Country is also home to a wealth of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have their finger on the pulse of social media and Keweenaw travel. 

If you’re looking at this page, you are among those motivated individuals, and we want to use our platform of over 120,500+ people to uplift both you as a creator and/or business owner. This guide will help outline look and posting guidelines so we can help bring your Keweenaw content to life.


Want to share a business that you think our audience would absolutely love? Have a tip on a great Keweenaw outdoor experience?  Whatever your idea, feel free to send an email to with your lead and we’ll connect with you to explore! 


Designed especially for businesses and experience providers, the Local Tourist series features content creator, Amanda, our talking-head/tour guide. This is a higher-production video profile that will live on all our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Shorts, and Tiktok). These videos are made at no cost to the subject in the spirit of pro bono reciprocation of experience. If you’re a business or experience provider seeking a feature, email  to discuss feature ideas and scheduling.


What’s Collaboration?

Instagram has created a fantastic (and easy to use) function called “Collaboration”. When tagging accounts to your Reel or photo post, you can select one “Collaborator” account to share your content with. The targeted Collaborator will receive a DM in their Instagram inbox alerting them that someone has sent them a Collaboration Request. They have the option to review the content, then accept or decline. An accepted request will list the original poster first at the top left, with the Collaborator as the second. The content will be listed natively on both users' accounts, thereby sharing both audiences and generating more engagement.

Important Notes:

  • Collaboration cannot be activated on previously published material, only on new postings.

  • The secondary Collaborator account cannot edit the post or caption.

What We Are Seeking

  • Point of View (POV) Experiences:

    • Dining, nightlife, breweries

    • Ambient nature, outdoor recreation

    • Outdoor sports - all seasons

    • Drone footage

    • Shopping, enjoying Main Street areas

    • Historic touring (Quincy, etc)

  • Style Guide

    • Aesthetic: Nature vibes, wanderlust, exploration, discovering hidden gems 

    • High quality imagery (modern smartphone, camera, etc acceptable)

    • Visuals fit to full 9x16 vertical frame (aka 1080x1920)

    • Visuals edited to music

      • Preferred Music: instrumental, lofi, ambient. Lyrical music should be accessible to all age demos.

    • Season appropriate

      • We are currently following a model that our content stays within the current weather and sporting season. 

    • Location tagged

    • AVOID:

      • Visuals not fit to full frame, leaving black bars on top and bottom

      • Shaky, low-light, low resolution visuals

      • AI or color filters

      • Trending “meme” audio/dancing/text

      • Swearing (in music or background)

The Content Is Made

There are several options for businesses or content creators that have a Reel/post ready to go:

  • Send a DM

    • Giving us heads up to your content, whether a short description or sending us a draft of the video, will increase your likelihood of an accepted Collaboration invite. 

    • Be sure to include intended caption copy. 

    • DMs also allow us to coordinate posting schedule, as we will prioritize our own scheduled posts over Collabs. 

  • Roll the dice and hit that Collab button!

    • We will review the material once we receive a request, regardless of prior notice. If captions and edits pass rigor and fit in our posting schedule, we will happily accept requests and share to our audience. 

  • Caption Guidelines

    • Since we will not be able to edit the caption, we ask that captions be:

      1. Written in the third person

      2. Exclude personal information or stories

      3. Our audience lives vicariously through our posts - they’re dreaming of Keweenaw magic and travel whimsy. Whether literal or artsy, keep the description to the experience/location.

  • Suggested additional tags and hashtags (when applicable):

    • Accounts to Tag:

      1. @PureMichigan

      2. @UPTravel

      3. @MichiganTourism

      4. @MIStateParks 

      5. @MichiganDNR 

      6. @CityofHoughton 

      7. @CityofHancock  

      8. @CopperHarborMI 

    • Hashtags to Use

      1. #YesVisitKeweenaw #Keweenaw #KeweenawPeninsula #PureMichigan #MLive #ExploreMore #ExploretheUp #UPTravel #LakeSuperior #CopperCountry #ExploreMichigan #AdventureNorth

Help Me Make The Content

For businesses/creators that have the video files on hand and don’t have the time to edit or would prefer to not be the original poster, here’s what to do:

  • Send original, high-quality files via Google Drive or Dropbox to Include:

    • Location

    • Instagram username for Collab

    • Ideal music choice from Instagram’s database 

    • Caption Idea


If you’re already utilizing the Instagram Collaboration feature with us, or have media that fits the above content and style guidelines, please submit said files via Google Drive or Dropbox to

Please ensure files (either RAW or edited) fit the aspect ratios appropriate for each platform:

  • Youtube Shorts & Tiktok: 9x16 aka 1080x1920 (vertical video)
  • Facebook: 16x9 aka 1920x1080 (horizontal video)

Make your content go the extra mile. Creators will be credited appropriately, and tags to businesses/creator accounts added respectively. 


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